Sunday, October 4, 2015


Well, I guess this was bound to happen at some point.

Nellie and I, according to the training schedule, were supposed to run 12 miles yesterday.  Neither of us did.  Nellie has been dealing with a hip that has given her issues in the past.  She, understandably, was concerned about aggravating it by over-exerting.

The other day, I was playing frisbee in Boston, and I made a really hard cut (1:05, for you non-frisbee folk), but I just got a little too into it.  My foot jammed into the front of my cleat.  That's never happened before, so I think my cleats are just getting old or something.  After the point, I went off to survey the damage.  I was seriously expecting a bunch of gushing blood and only half a toenail.  Nope!  It just hurt....really badly.  I could tell that the nail had been jammed into the cuticle at the bottom, and it wasn't going to survive.

I slept on Sam's couch that night and was awoken in the middle of the night by a throbbing pain...

The next morning, I took of the nail polish I had on my big toe, so I could really see what was going on.  It was alllll blue under the nail.  Poor toe!  So when that happens, there's a whole lot of pressure under the nail because of all that blood, and it's not uncommon to just have it drained.  I've actually seen my dad do that for my mom with a little burn-y thing that puts a hole in the nail and lets the blood out.  I obviously didn't have that kind of thing at my disposal, so I just had to treat my poor toe very tenderly for the day while I apartment hunted in the city.

Of course it was raining, and of course I was completely unprepared and was wearing the slipperiest flip-flops that I own.  I slipped, caught myself, somehow nicked my toe, and started bleeding everywhere.  Luckily, I had a huge first aid kit in my car.  I gauzed my toe and taped my toe, and crisis was averted.  Over the course of the day, blood started seeping through the tape...I have to admit that having a bit of pressure off was slightly relieving, but still pretty painful.  Pain is tiring!  At the end of the day, I called my dad, and he told me that I could soak it in the tub and try to keep draining it from wherever it had bled from before.

So anyway, my poor toenail is all white and dead now, and still oozes periodically.  I turn into HulkTessa whenever Oscar (or anyone) accidentally steps on my foot.  I'm hoping it isn't too much to wear heels next Saturday at Anna's WEDDING!!

Needless to say, though, I did not run 12 miles yesterday.

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