Sunday, August 30, 2015


I didn't realize at first that my training program wasn't as strict as it seemed.  I had to call my sister once to make sure it wasn't a bad thing for me to do an ab workout or go climbing on a "rest" day.  She said, "no - that's called cross-training!"  Perfect.  My brother even explained that the training programs for things like a half marathon are meant to be a general buildup of distance, so there's one long run every week.  That makes it less of a big deal if you skip a day or something.  In my brother's words, "modifying the plan will not screw you over. It'll just modify the plan."

So I went climbing today, because the local bouldering place had free climbing.  I destroyed my hands in the process, which is what I get for not climbing in months, but that's always been totally worth it when it comes to climbing.  That and ultimate frisbee are my two favorite forms of exercise.  It's weirdly satisfying, actually, to get those horrible wounds on my hands from climbing, because I like to think of it as one step closer to those tough calluses that make every climbing route easier!  I'm actually already making plans to climb and play frisbee as soon as I get settled up in the Northeast.  Just today, I told my bro that I would play on his Fall ultimate team, which gives me the first actual concrete thing waiting for me up there.  Baby steps.

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