Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm just going to talk about my dog

Begin week 3:
3 miles

I don't feel like talking about my run.  That's just going to get boring if I do that every time, and this blog is already kind of dull.  At this point, my dog is the best thing in my life.  Meet Oscar.
As I mentioned in my first post, I like to do my cool downs with Oscar.  I get up, feed him, run, and then walk him.  When I come in, he's sitting in his crate, looking at me, at the ready, like this:

Then I let him out (he still has trouble calming down enough to sit and wait while I put on his harness and open the door), and we walk a few blocks, about a half mile.  I don't actually know what the prescribed distance or mode of cool down I'm supposed to do, but this has been working out so far.

When we get back home, I sit on the porch and stretch.  In Oscar world, when I sit on the ground to do butt stretches, it means it's time for snuggles.  It's a pretty common occurrence for him to need as much of his body touching as much of my body as possible, no matter what.

I actually found a description of temperament in bull terriers, which I think Oscar has in him.  It basically describes exactly the way Oscar is: "The Bull Terrier is a fun, comical, people-loving dog.  They are known to be courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish, and fearless.  They enjoy being around people, sometimes a little too much, and can prove positively dangerous to people of a delicate nature, not through malicious intent, but rather through their exuberance."  That's basically Oscar to a T.  He's a good buddy.

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  1. Dogs are one of the greatest gifts to humankind.