Friday, September 4, 2015

The Great Music Dilemma of 2015

Week 3:
4 miles; 3 miles; (6 miles tomorrow)

For the last few weeks, I've been carefully constructing my running playlist.  My taste in music is pretty widespread, although sometimes I'm really picky.  A lot of the time it's to do with my mood, which is fine most of the time because it doesn't matter what I listen to...unfortunately, my mood often doesn't sync up with what I physically need to listen to so I can run.  OK, I know that sounds silly, and I could run without music, but I'm telling you, I'd probably average 15 minutes per mile.

Here's the thing about mood vs. activity when it comes to running with music.  I wake up at 6:30am because there's no other time to do it at this point.  Even today, it was already 77° and about 80% humidity when I woke up.  That time of day is so peaceful and quiet, and I always find myself in a corresponding mood.  So, the last thing I really want is to turn on my pumpy-uppy running playlist, packed with hard beats and all that.  I'd rather listen to something like this or this.  Actually, I did try the other day to start my run with some Hurray for the Riff was a complete failure.  My body rejects it if I try to make it run at the same time.

That said, when I play my "pump up jams," that early in the morning I want to vomit (almost literally).  So what on Earth am I supposed to do?!  I've already paid for the registration for this half marathon, so I can't back down now, although a problem with my music is obviously a valid reason to do so.  Wasting $80 isn't, "free" t-shirt aside.

Basically, I just have to push myself through the first half mile or so, listening to my grating, fast, loud running playlist, wanting to die.  After I wake up and get into the run a little more, the music isn't so bad.  Usually, it takes one, really awesome song (I just have the whole playlist on shuffle) to get me into the "I'm running on pavement, not mud" feel.

I feel like I'm making my running playlist sound like it's just full of horrible music.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!! I love the songs on that list, but they serve a very particular purpose, and if I'm not ready for it, well...

So what IS on my playlist?  Well, I'm not sure I want to share all of that.  Some of the music, I feel a bit guilty getting as into it as I do.  It feels a little bit appropriative.  Either that, or it feels like I'm supporting misogyny.  But what can I say?  The beats are sexy!  And some of those chord progressions though...Some songs, I don't feel guilty about, but just embarrassed about, I guess.  I AM NOT A FANGIRL!!!  But I?

NO!!! I refuse to let myself go there.  I just know how to appreciate certain musical elements of these people's songs...OK I've noticed this trend in my musical tastes where I'm driving around, listening to the radio, when a song comes on that I've never heard before, and I think, "this is a good song," or, "I should put this on my running playlist."  And I would say 5 out of the last 6 times it's happened it's been One Fucking Direction.  I just...stop it, Tessa.

Alright, that's enough ranting for today.


  1. Dude. 1D is the best!! I listen to their music all the time. #noshame

  2. I'm playing catch up...I know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the early morning playlist conundrum...I listened to NPR morning edition the one time I did an early run and it was kind of terrible..but it was the only thing I could imagine listening to!